Jason took my black and white picture and turned it into a masterpiece. In love with my new tattoo! The atmosphere was comfortable and every one was so friendly. The shop was extremely clean and i would recommend this place to everyone. I Will definitely be going back.

Elizabeth MargaretEssex, MD

Had Savannah give me four new piercings today (cartilage, industrial, and a second set in my lobes) and she was amazing! We had a hiccup on the last one and she stayed so professional even as I was humming randomly to myself to stay calm. Can't wait to get my next set done!!

Llyssa HolmgrenBaltimore, MD

Great service and artists!

Jesse BlanchardEssex, MD

I went to Arcane Gallery 2 days ago to set something up for me and my boyfriend. Now my boyfriend is a good man but inpatient. And was looking for something asap the same night. But I still love you inside and out just saying. I spoke to Robert to see if he was able to do something but he wasn't in. So he told me to speak to Jason, so I called and he sounded like he definitely knew what he was speaking about. So we went up to the shop to speak face to face. And when we got there it was so nice and clean and everyone was so welcoming.! So he spoke to Jason and Moose. And they both took care of him and did a excellent job. So we put a deposit down and the next day we came in to get it done. Instantly he loved what Mr. Moose drew for him. And he was ready to get it on his arm forever and they both work with each other and were very reasonable. My guy Mr. Miner took care of me and did my piece on my leg he was very down to do it and was very sweet and professional everyone was so nice and they were funny to talk to, to make time fly bye. And they give lollipops which is a plus to me. Thank you guys and ladies for taking care of us! We will definitely be back to finish both of our pieces.

Ashley BrynerBaltimore, MD

Very clean. They also have a very polite and professional staff. second piece done by Jason. will get a lot more done by him in the future

Steve PetrushDundalk, MD

Savannah for piercings: Customer service out of this world!! Spoke to me after shop hours and was very attentive to detail even in the initial messages. Made sure to be follow up on my request so she knew we were on the same page and had safety at the forefront of the conversation, 5 piercings that were 'below the belt', so that was GREAT to me. Shop is very quaint and small and super clean!! She explained everything to me and was sure to 'check-in' to be sure I was doing okay between each piercing. Will highly recommend her refer anyone who asks!! Thanks again Savannah!!!!

Dawn WeaverBaltimore, MD

Thanks to Savannah, Rob, Jason, and Minor! We were referred to the shop by a friend and they kindly opened the shop after hours and didnt just tattoo 1 but tattooed 9 people on 1 hours notice. They all were very nice and informative and accommodating. The shop was easy to find, clean, and very well organized. So thank you again for a memory we will never forget!

Debbie McWattersBaltimores, MD

Personal experience with my usual artist: Jason is an amazing, talented, and extremely professional artist. I've recommended him to anyone that compliments the sleeve he did for me. Look forward to getting more ink in the future!
They keep their shop very clean, and everything is sterile. Couldn't recommend a safer place to get a tattoo!

Ashley LamartinaBaltimore, MD