Arcane Gallery and Tattoo Studio Artist, Boday Piercer, Tony


Tony is one of our part time piercing artists. Art, music and building things are his other passions. He has also had the opportunity to travel quite a bit - anywhere from Chicago to California. This has afforded him the opportunity for experience with different techniques in piercing and body modifications. As soon as a piercing and tattoo needle touched his skin he was instantly hooked. Tony is a skilled, capable and safe piercing artist with many years of experience; Known for his skills in speed, precise connection and follow through from needle to jewelry. He also enjoys staying knowledgeable, up to date and well-read on piercings and body modification techniques, procedures and aftercare. Tony will give you that piercing you have always wanted in a clean, safe environment with unparalleled accuracy, speed and precision, all while maintaining a professional approach.

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